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Call from 0000000000: Are all zeroes phone number spam or a real one?

Previously when we used to have landlines only, without a display, we used to be very desperate when after several “Hellos” no one used to answer. Then came the mobile phones, where we can easily see the number, we are receiving the calls from. It is indeed the truth that our heart skips a beat when we receive the calls from someone we love. But how would you feel when you receive calls from unknown numbers?

If we give the concept of wrong numbers, a theoretical perspective, now think! You are waiting for a call from your loved one, and suddenly your phone receives a call. You jump with joy, and you receive a call from 0000000000. What will you do?


If you are receiving a call from 000000000, it is undeniable that the caller doesn’t want to provide its identity. It is called Caller ID spoofing. In this case, the caller can hide his/her identity behind a number.

Even though you try to find the number’s existence in Telecaller app, you will fail with a bang. It can be anyone who is spoofing his/her number and makes it look like an official IRS is calling.

Every legitimate individual or business has a proper calling number. Generally, those are 10-digit numbers excepting the international ones. But again, international business calls are not unexpected, and someone definitely calls you when you are known to them.

Previously there used to be a handful of service providers. Thus, every calling number used to be connected at least one service provider followed by the country code. Sometimes the pattern of the phone number was enough to judge about whop the service provider is.

But Then there is internet calling service in today’s world. There are various apps which provide free calling using the internet. One can easily hide the identity and you can receive incoming calls from number 0000000000 using the internet even after creating an account with a valid phone number.

Call from 0000000


But whatever it may be, either you can predict the person who can call you from a spoofed number, or you are unaware about it, you can simply ignore such calls. But the question might be still there in your mind that what does a phone number with all zeroes mean?

Nowadays, there are multiple scams on the internet and also in calling. There are many stories where some unknown numbers have called the individuals asking for their bank details and have looted them.

The story might not end up similarly at your case, but then there could be someone who is trying to access to your location and other details at the same time of calling you from telephone number 0000000000.


The very first thing people have on their mind while receiving calls form such number is either those numbers are safe. But the very first thing you need to know is there is nothing called safe or unsafe number. No number can reach to you just by calling you over your phone.

Thus, the first thing you need to do if received such calls is to relax and don’t panic. They are simply spam call and can be ignored simply by not replying to them.

Sometimes many international calls also get masked for various reason. In that case, the real number of the person doesn’t get displayed as it is. But if you are not sure about the caller and your screen is showing a missed call from 0000000000 simply don’t answer the call.

Remember that no number is dangerous for your phone but talking to a scammer can be hazardous for you. After the ringing is over or you willingly cut the call, you can block the number so that it can’t call and bother you again.

Sometimes when you use apps like truecaller it shows how many people have marked any particular number as spam.

Even the color of the call changes from the color of regular calls. In such cases, you become pre-concerned about the step and can simply disconnect the call. But if that doesn’t happen to you, there is no harm in disconnecting a Call from 0000000000 phone number by yourself.

TAKEAWAY: when there are multiple ways of communication, there will definitely be various ways of disturbance. It is as real as that. When we rely upon so many easy communication ways, we are pretty of different scams and frauds.

The caller id spoofing is not a hard task at all. You can simply google and check that several websites can help you with spoofing your own number. You can also call someone while hiding your original and personal number.

But that is not your purpose. You will definitely not disturb someone with the same activity. Which bothers you to some extent. Stay safe and preferably stay away from any such action where you are not entirely sure about the consequences.

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