Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5

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If you’ve been searching for the Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy S5 in 2020. Then you’re in good company. In this article, we’ll list all the custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S5, in fact for all variants of this device. We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 runs the Android operating system and Android is an open-source project. Like all things open-source this means developers and hobbyists can tweak the code and customize it to improve performance and appearance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S5 was rolled out to succeed in the Galaxy S4 that had been well-received when it launched a year earlier. The S5 boasts of powerful specs such as a Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 X 1920 MP, 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 Chipset paired with 2GB RAM. but the one thing that makes the Galaxy S5 such a hit was especially the fact that its 16MP camera can record video at 4K. 

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in February 2014. It had been updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow from Android 4.4.2 KitKat of the Galaxy S4. A few months after the launch of this device, developers started working on custom ROMs and a number were made available within a short time. In this post, we look at the best custom ROMs for Galaxy S5 in 2020. 

We’ll get to our list shortly but before we do that, lets first learn the difference between custom ROM and Android Stock ROM.

What is Android ROM?

When you buy a new Android device, it comes with the original firmware also known as stock Android ROM. The stock ROM is an operating system preinstalled on the device by the manufacturer and its functionality is often determined by the phone manufacturer. If you want to add more functionality to your device, you need to find modified ROM which this article is all about or what we also call custom ROM.

What is Custom ROM?

As you know, Android is an open-source platform that allows developers to tinker with the source code and create their own image of the operating system for various brands of Android smartphones and tablets. The process of customizing ROM is called modding and the final product is custom ROM. 

When you install a custom ROM, it replaces the pre-installed stock ROM provided with your phone or tablet. Custom ROM comes with its own kernel which makes it a completely separate operating system. One of the things that draw people to custom ROM is less to zero bloatware. Most of it tends to be commercial in nature and meant to advance the interests of the telcos, with little real benefit to the device user.

We tend to think that complaints about bloat may have been one of the reasons the Android developer community decided to engage in modding in order to offer users a clean Android experience, free from junk and bloatware.

The beauty of custom ROMs is that they’re updated regularly by developers. Many times updates are rolled out much sooner. Even OEM versions of Android that are no longer being actively supported by the device manufacturer receive timely updates.

List of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy S5 in 2020

To install a custom ROM on your Galaxy S5 ROM, you must first root your device and install TWRP recovery on the device. After installing TWRP, you can install a custom ROM or other mods of your liking on your Galaxy S5. Here is a list of the best custom ROMs for your Galaxy S5 in 2020. 


Lineage OS

The LineageOS continues the legacy of the famous CyanogenMod or CM custom firmware. This ROM incorporates a lot of the features and enhancements found in the original CyanogenMod.  CyanogenMod discontinuation disappointed many users but lucky enough the team was able to salvage the project and it now continues under the lineageOS brand. 

The Lineage firmware is one of the best custom ROMs for Android smartphones. This version of ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5 family offers many features such as the custom status bar, theme, resize field, color navigation and settings field, quick toggle function, and much more. We’re sure you will not be disappointed with this option. That’s if you decide to go with it

Download LineageOS ROM 

 AOSP Extended:


The extended AOSP-ROM is based on the AOSP source code with many commits carefully selected from other custom ROM projects. Based on AOSP, this ROM guarantees a smooth performance. The developers of AOSP Extended are working to add new features and improve them for future rollouts. Like other custom ROMs, AOSP has several status bar functions and lock screen settings, themes, AOSPA Pie, DU Navbar, and Flingbar, among many other functions. Explore for yourself when you have a chance.

Download AOSP Extended ROM



crDroid was developed to improve the performance and reliability of Android devices in the market today. The ROM strives to provide many fantastic features. It is mainly based on the lineage operating system, thus makes use of a compatible kernel.

To install the crDroid operating system or any other ROMs for Galaxy S5, you’ll first need to root your device and install TWRP recovery or a different recovery of your own if you so wish. It’s an excellent ROM but you can only find out if you try it.

Download crDroid

Resurrection Remix:

Resurrection Remix combines the stability of CM with the original slim, Omni, and remix functions and offers an excellent combination of performance and modern functionality directly on your device. This ROM is fully functional, stable, and open-source, integrated with the best custom ROM functions. Lots of the original Resurrection Remix add-ons are bundled with this  ROM, you also get plugins that offer enhanced performance, and latest features on your device.

Download Resurrection Remix


Droid On Time Operating System (DotOS) was developed by the community and team members Kuber Sharma and Ganesh Varma. The ROM is full of tweaks and enhancements borrowed from some of the best custom ROMs in the market. The best way to actually know is to try it. You can get it from the link below.

Download DotOS ROM

Carbon ROM:

carbon rom

CarbonROM is based on the Android Open Source (AOSP) project. In other words, the user interface corresponds to that of Android on Pixel smartphones. By the way, with this ROM, the focus is not on the UI, the focus is on providing smartphone users with additional functions, regular updates, and support.

Download CarbonROM


aosip rom

The AOSiP means the Android Open Source Illusion project. This is a high-quality custom ROM based entirely on Google’s AOSP source code from version 6.0. Upgraded with the latest features and packed with stability. Developers aim for excellence and it is evident. In this ROM you can rediscover real Android Oreo.

Download AOSiP ROM

Bootlegger ROM:


Bootlegger ROM is a firmware based on the Open Source Ground Gero (GZOSP) project that seeks to provide android devices with customized functions and useful applications. This ROM contains user-defined backgrounds, melodies, characters and symbols, and headers that give devices a new appearance and a fresh selection of icons. Can’t go wrong with this ROM either.

Download Bootlegger ROM

Mokee OS:

Mokee OS is an open-source ROM based on AOSP. It was first released by a small group of Chinese developers when Jerry Bean first hit the market. Mokee OS was China’s first attempt to enter the open-source world of Android modding. Mokee features a lot of enhancements not found in the stock Android ROM.

Download Mokee OS


MIUI 9 is the latest version of the MIUI ROM from Xiaomi Corporation. It is also used as a custom ROM on many non-Xiaomi devices too. It’s a fork of the Android operating system. The ROM has many functions such as theme support, adjusting the status bar, My Launcher with no app drawer, and a host of other functions and features.

Download MIUI OS


Android Ice Cold Project (AICP). This ROM first appeared on an HTC Desire HD smartphone and has since become one of the top ROMs in the market used by many. Prior to Lollipop, this ROM has always been AOKP based. Sadly, AOKP ceased development or plans to return at the end of the year. We learn that they switched to the LineageOS source code.

Download AICP ROM

Flyme OS 6:


This is an after-market ROM from developers at Meizu for Android smartphones. Some of the key features include a fully redesigned app, one-handed operation, and performance optimization. The current version of Flyme has unique features such as novel flat design and several performance optimizations.

Download Flyme OS 6

VIPER OS v6.7:

ViperOS is included in our list of the best custom ROMs for Galaxy S5 in 2020 and for a good reason because it’s a ROM that actually delivers on its promises. TO begin with, ViperOS developers made every effort to remove bloatware. This means if you install this ROM, you get to feel the smoothness right from the boot screen. 

It will take a bit of your time to configure it, even so, the process is fairly simple and comes with a menu to aid with that. ViperOS is ideal for the user who values direct and clean interface. This ROM is bundled with very useful resources and is updated regularly following the Google update cycle. There’s a theme engine incorporated that allows for limitless customizations. Lightweight UI prioritizes performance and battery life.

Download VIPER OS


This ROM clearly distinguishes between the A and S series. With DreamUX ROM, you’re able to experience the user interface of the S7 and S8 right on your S5 device. It’s like time travel. The ROM also brings performance enhancements and beautiful visuals like animations that are fluid and sleek. 

The only issue reported so far is a fingerprint sensor bug, this is not exclusive to this ROM though. DreamUX is based on Android Marshmallow so you can be sure to find things like Smart Manager, Softkey Edge, and Edge Panel, and every other S8 system App. This ROM provides a quick way to experience the S8 without spending on expensive hardware.


Hyper ROM V7

Well, this ROM is without a doubt a must-try for y’all Samsung fans out there. You’ll enjoy this ROM especially if you like the TouchWiz UI that’s standard in the Samsung Galaxy S5, that’s because this ROM brings an enhanced UI with a smoother, richer experience of the A-series smartphones. They are yet to conduct an OTA update of their UI, but the good thing is you can still get the updated Samsung skin on your own. Features you can expect from this ROM include HyperTools, Samsung System Apps, and Viper 4 Android support. 

The only bug is a fingerprint sensor related. Check it out and let us know what your experience is like with this ROM.


We hope this guide helps you find the best custom ROM for Galaxy S5. So, if you were able to install custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S5 based on our list then we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a comment below.

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